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Moon is a Solar System based science fiction which was released in 2009 and is directed by Duncan Jones.

Sam Bell has been looking after the moon`s Helium 3 mining base for the past three years. He only had GERTY, an artificial intelligent computer to keep him company. In those three years, he only has a tele-link with his wife on Earth. Two weeks before the end of his time there, he begins hallucinating about a teenage girl on the base. He hallucinates again when on a routine journey with the outside harvester which has an accident and crashes.

He wakes up in the medical bay after the accident and whilst recuperating from his ordeal, overhears a communication between the management on Earth and GERTY. The message tells GERTY that Sam must not be allowed outside of the station. Sam starts to find a way he can get outside and eventually vandalises a pipe. GERTY relents and allows Sam outside to fix the problem. However, Sam gets into a harvester and travels to where the crashed harvester is. Inside the crashed harvester is another Sam which he brings back inside the base.

The two Sams try to co-exist but are finding it hard, each accusing the other of being a clone. The older Sam begins to degenerate rapidly. Together, they try to work out why they don`t seem to be getting any signals from Earth and when they venture outside, they discover jamming towers which they destroy. The base starts to receive communications from Earth.

They discover from logs and making a call to Earth, that the real Sam is alive and well on Earth with his daughter now fifteen. Ill Sam makes a call to his home and gets through to a teenage girl. She tells him that the woman has died and when she calls her dad, Sam cuts the call. A clone`s life exists for three years hence the length of the contract and why the ill Sam had to have an accident. With a clean-up team on their way, the two Sams decide that the ill Sam be returned to the crashed harvester whilst the new Sam stows away on a Helium-3 pod and goes to Earth.

This film was directed by Duncan Jones and also wrote the story with Nathan Parker. Duncan Jones was born Zowie Bowie, son of legendary singer David Bowie.

Cast Members

GERTY ( Kevin Spacey )

Gerty is the intelligent robot that travels round the moonbase to help Sam Bell with whatever he needs. Gerty is not a humanoid robot but just a robot on wheels.

Sam Bell ( Sam Rockwell )

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