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The Mutant Chronicles

The Mutant Chronicles is a science fiction prediction of the Future on Earth which was released in 2008 and is directed by Simon Hunter.

Film adaptation of a Swedish Role Playing Game set in the future in our solar system. The game has humanity spread to all the planets in the solar system as the resources on Earth have all been used up. Countries are no more, instead Corporations are now the main governance. There are five mainMegaCorporations, they are Bauhaus, styled after the culture of continental Europe, the American-influenced Capitol, the Japanese-themed Mishima, the British-inspired Imperial, and Cybertronic. Each also have their own armies, political and legal organisations. They fight amongst themselves for control of the resources. All hell breaks loose when they spread to a tenth planet, Nero, outside the orbit of Pluto. On that planet is an alien citadel which Imperial Conquistadors break the seals and allow the Dark Legion to enter our realm.

As with so many adaptations, the storyline is different to the original. Earth is as previous, damaged and people have expanded to other planets of the solar system. The corporations fight amongst themselves for control of the diminishing resources. Steam is used to power vehicles and machinery. A battle takes place in Central Europe where the fighting is very much like it used to be in the First World War. The atmospher, the rain, the mud is very much like how it used to be then. A missile undercovers a seal which is inadvertently broken. After a while the machine behind the seal starts creating mutants. The mutants are people who have been converted, their hands have become spears which are used to kill and hook other people so they can be taken to the machine to be converted.

The war goes badly against the mutants, people begin evacuating the planet. Brother Samuel steps forwards and tells of the legend of the Machine and of how it is written in the Chronicles about how to destroy it. Samuel recruits a group of soldiers, monks and about anyone else who is insane enough to take part in the machine to destroy the machine. Included in the group is Mitch Hunter, one of the few survivors of the battle that woke the Machine up. They leave for the location of the machine but their transporter is damaged and they have to make a large part of the journey on foot. On the way, they visit a heavily damaged city where there are a group of opportunists trying to make money out of evacuating people. Also the group reduces in size until the only people who are left are Brother Samuel, Mitch Hunter and the two females. The machine manages to capture Hunter but he manages to escape before he is fully converted. He has to deal with Samuel who has been converted in order to destroy the machine. The two women make it to the final battle but are eventually killed in the final confrontation. Once Mitch has turned the machine, it fires up its engines and heads off into space, allegedly heading for where the Earth evacuees have gone.

If you're looking for a back history for the Machine, the only one given is how it was defeated the first time. The groups objectives are to stop it, not to find out about, reprogramme it or to unconvert people. It has already destroyed much of humanity so destroying it in the quickies time possible is what is required. Should it happen in real life, people aren't going to be bothered about its history either, some military types might try to take control of it but ultimately, whoever has to deal with it, won't be interested in its history. It is similar to the eighties film LifeForce which does give a back history.

Cast Members

Mitch Hunter ( Thomas Jane )

Brother Samuel ( Ron Perlman )

Brother Samual is a monk who is a member of the team that try to locate and destroy the machine that is creating the Zombies. At the end of the movie, he becomes a mutant.

Severian ( Anna Walton )

Severian is a human female character The Mutant Chronicles. Her primary role within the series is monk.

Constantine ( John Malkovich )

Constantine is the leader on Earth when the machine starts turning humans into Zombies. He relunctantly allows the mission to go ahead to lock up, destroy or simply stop the machine.

Cpl. Valerie Duval ( Devon Aoki )

Cpl. Valerie Duval is a human female character The Mutant Chronicles. Her primary role within the series is commando.

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