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Never Say Never Again

Never Say Never Again is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1984 and is directed by Irvin Kirschner. The film's theme tune is 'Never Say Never Again' and was sung by Lani Hall.

The film is a remake of the earlier Thunderball which was Sean Connery had invested money in and owned the copyright to. The plot involves Bond being sent to a health farm after falling apart on a training mission to rescue a hostage. At the farm, he comes under attack from his enemies, nowhere is safe for James Bond.

SPECTRE has persuaded an American Colonel to help them gain access to nuclear weapons by causing vulcan bombers to crash in the ocean.

His investigations lead him to the Bahama's where he meets bumbling Nigel Small-Fawcett who tells him to go to Nice to track down Maximillian Largo.

Largo has a yacht which can hold the nuclear weapons. Largo is holding Domino Petachi, the sister of the American Colonel. Bond meets Largo at a charity function where they play a world war 3 virtual computer game for charity but all that Bond wants is Domino.

Largo decides he no longer wants either Bond or Domino and ties them to a rock and leaves them. Bond manages to break free and notify Felix Leiter where the nuclear bombs are to be exploded. One nuclear will be used to destroy Miami, the other is to be used at the 'Tears of Allah' in the middle east. Bond takes part in the mission to destroy one of the missiles.

At the end of the mission, Bond is relaxing with Domino when Nigel turns up and asks if James will come back to work for M.I.6..

Cast Members

Nigel Small-Fawcett ( Rowan Atkinson )

Domino Petachi ( Kim Basinger )

Fatima Blush ( Barbera Carrera )

Maximillian Largo ( Klaus Maria Brandauer )

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