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Octopussy is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1983 and is directed by John Glen. The film's theme tune is 'All Time High' and was sung by Rita Coolidge.

James Bond's colleague 009 is killed by Twin One and Twin Two. In the agents hand is a Feberge egg.

Bond is tasked with investigating the plot which takes him to India to meet with the mysterious Octopussy and her martial art experts. In India, his contact is Vijay who ends up being killed when Bond has sneaked into Octopussy's base.

In Russia, General Orlov is putting a plan together that will see Russia invade eastern and then western Europe. The plan is to explode a nuclear device on an American military base in Germany which will garner support amongst the Germans and force them out of Europe. He will use Kamal Khan and his henchman Gobinda to do the dirty work of getting the nuclear device into the base.

General Orlov is killed by General Gogol when Gogol discovers what is going on.

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