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Outlander is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2008 and is directed by Howard McCain.

Norway 709A.D., a spaceship crashes into a Fjord, the occupants escape however one dies. The survivor Kainan downloads into his brain via his eye, the language of the area then sets off to explore. During his exploration, he comes across a village that has been destroyed with only free horses running around the place.

Whilst exploring, he is attacked by a Viking and taken to a settlement led by Rothgar. There he must be convince the people that he is not a threat to them. The village comes under attack from a dragon which Kainan recognises to be a Moorwen. After the attack, a group of villagers set off in search of the dragon but all they find is a bear which they kill. During the fight with the bear, Kainan finally proves himself to be an ally and is freed by the villagers. He becomes an equal to the settlements main warrior, Wulfric.

The village comes under attack from another tribe led by Gunnar. Gunnar blames Rothgar for the destruction that had been brought onto his village. Rothgar's village repulse the attack by Gunnar who eventualy retreat. In a small encampment outside Rothgar's village, Gunnar's men come under attack from the Moorwen, forcing them to seek sanctuary at the village that they had just attacked. Rothgar villagers attack the fleeing Vikings but in the end provide them sanctuary. Both groups decide to work together to kill the dragon.

Kainan is given the brief to defeat the monster. The villagers pull together and dig a hole they deem big enough for the creature and fill it with a flamable liquid. That night, they set about attracting the monster and as planned, the monster falls into the hole and the liquid is ignited. The monster escapes and starts laying waste to the village. During the incident, the two village elders, Gunnar and Rothgar are killed by the monster. At the other end of the village, the monster's offspring start attacking. Freya is taken by the Moorwen.

Kainan is revealed to have been part of a group of humanoid aliens who had tried to wipe out the Moorwen on a far off planet. The humanoids had wanted the planet for themselves. One Moorwen had survived and had sought revenge by attacking Kainan's settlement, killing everyone including Kainan's wife and son. Kainan left the planet unwittingly with the Moorwen onboard and brought it to Earth.

The villagers decide to leave as Kainan plots the next attempt on the monster. He plans to use a sword made from metal from his ship to destroy the monster. Once the sword is made, he sets off with a small group of warriors in search of the monster. Freya awakens in the monsters lair amongst the dead that Moorwen had started eating. The group of warriors are gradually reduced in numbers as is normal in these films. They rescue Freya and trick the monster into falling off a cliff. Wulfric is killed in the final battle.

Once they return to the village, Kainan decides to stay on the planet and turns off a homing beacon that he had set up earlier. He marries Freya and becomes the village leader.

Cast Members

Kainan ( James Caviezel )

Freya ( Sophia Myles )

Wulfric ( Jack Huston )

Rothgar ( John Hurt )

Gunnar ( Ron Perlman )

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