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Pandorum is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 2009 and is directed by Christian Alvart.

It is the future, the Earth is no longer capable of sustaining the massive population. As a result, sleeper crafts have been sent into space carrying people to seed new planets. During the journey, two astronauts (Payton and Bower) awake and try to discover what is going on. Bower ventures into the bowels of the craft whilst the other guides him via a communications link. Not before long, they soon meet another traveller who reminds them of what they are doing there. There are monsters onboard the ship that are attacking the rest of the crew so they must fight for survival. The monsters were once human but have genetically engineered in the hope that they would be able to cope with the new planets environment. The mutants are infected with a disease called Pandorum which can be bought on by long term deep space hibernation. Payton discovers that someone called Gallo has been releasing people from hibernation, stealing their identities and then killing them. Once Bower reaches the reactor, he finds a dead body and discovers that Payton isn`t who he says he is, he is in fact Gallo. Gallo had been playing with people over the years. They had in fact reached their destination and had landed but Gallo had been killing them off one at a time. He confronts his colleague where during a fight, he destroys part of the ship allowing water to flood into the spacecraft. Gallo is killed. Bowers orders an immediate evacuation of the craft and the remaining survivors escape to the planet.

Cast Members

Nadia ( Antje Traue )

Corp. Bower ( Ben Foster )

Gallo ( Cam Gigandet )

Lt. Payton ( Dennis Quaid )

Manh ( Cung Le )

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