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Passengers is science fiction film set in outer space which was released in 2016 and is directed by Morten Tyldum.

Passengers follows the story of two people in a craft carrying over 5,000 people who are on a long distance journey to another planet who have woken up early. They have been woken up ninety years too early in their 120 year journey. All the passengers on the journey to Homestead 2 are put into deep sleep so that they don't age whilst the Avalon makes the journey to their destination. They are not the only passengers on the journey but they are the only ones who are woken up. The only other person about is a robot bartender called Arthur.

Being the only ones awake is only the start of the journey, there are more problems to come. Aurora is a journalist from New York whilst Jim is a mechanic from Denver, both wanting a new life on the new planet. The two end up naturally falling in love being the only people in the area.

Cast Members

Admiral Norris ( Andy Garcia )

Aurora Dunn ( Jennifer Lawrence )

Jim Preston ( Chris Pratt )

Arthur ( Michael Sheen )

Gus Mancuso ( Laurence Fishburne )


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