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Paul is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2011 and is directed by Greg Mottola.

The film opens with Paul`s spacecraft crash landing in the back garden of a small girl, killing the pet dog in the process. The girl, Tara names the alien survivor Paul, after the dog the alien killed. Their friendship doesn`t last long before the "Men in Black" come and take away Paul.

Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings are two sci-fi nerds that travel from sci-fi convention to sci-fi convention meeting the stars and getting autographs. After visiting a sci-fi convention they become involved in an accident where they meet Paul who has escaped from area 51. Paul asks the other two to help him as he is trying to escape and make a rendezvous with his kind who have come to pick him up. Along the journey, they pick up Ruth who had believed there was no alien but since meeting Paul has decided to rebel against everything that she had been brought up with. The four visit Tara who is now an old woman before going to the rendezvous point.

For people aware of the British television series Spaced will know what sort of humour to expect. The film is littered with sci-fi references and spotting the references is half the fun of the film.

Cast Members

Paul ( Seth Rogan )

Graeme Willy ( Simon Pegg )

Special Agent Lorenzo Zoil ( Jason Bateman )

Clive Gollings ( Nick Frost )

Clive Gollings is a nerd, much like his best friend Graeme Willy who together have visited a Sci-Fi convention when they unwittingly pick up an aliens who calls himself Paul.

Ruth ( Kirsten Wiig )

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