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Predator is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 1987 and is directed by John McTiernan.

The premise of the three films is that an advanced alien takes pleasure in hunting down its prey. It`s not quite clear what he does once he captures its target prey, whether he just skins it or eats the human flesh as well. It only targets those people who are armed and who are a challenge. In the first film, he ignores an unarmed female. In the second film, it kills a cop but leaves the cops pregnant partner alone. The pregnant cop didn`t know herself that she was pregnant. Also in the second film, the Predator also leaves a naked female alive after skinning the woman`s drug boss lover. Defenceless people are no good for hunting and killing if they aren`t able to defend themselves. What`s the point in hunting something if it`s too easy to kill?

It has the distinct advantage of an invisibility shield which can only be spotted by careful looking. He can only been seen if you know what you`re looking for as Mac in the original film points out. The invisibility shield makes up for his poor infra-red vision which enables Dutch to hide from the Predator. The first film is set in the jungle of central or southern America. The sequel is set in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles and its prey is the immigrant Colombian and Jamaican drug groups. For a long time, there had been talk of an Alien vs. Predator film but was constantly dropped because of costs of production. Whilst we waited for the battle film, computer games, books and comics filled the void. When the film did come out, it was not set in the Alien timeline which the void media had set it in but in the Predator timeline. Setting it in the Predator timeline, that is now reduced costs so expensive sets didn`t have to be built. The films were a disappointment to many fans of the two alien creature films. In the second Alien vs. Predator spin off films, we see a brief look at the Predators home world.

Cast Members

Blain ( Jesse Ventura )

Billy ( Sonny Landham )

He is a soldier of very little words and believes the killer is a spirit. Billy decides to confront the alien in hand to hand combat and comes off the loser.

Poncho Ramirez ( Richard Chaves )

Gen. Philips ( R.G. Armstrong )

Hawkins ( Shane Black )

Anna ( Elpidia Carrillo )

Anna is a guerilla who managed to survive the first onslaught by the Predator monster on her village. When Major Dutch and his commandoes arrive in the village, they take her as a prisoner. When Anna wants a weapon, Dutch prevents her from getting a weapon, knowing that the minute she picks up a weapon, she becomes a target for the predator.

Dillon ( Carl Weather )

Sgt. Mac ( Bill Duke )

Major Dutch ( Arnold Schwarzenegger )


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