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Prometheus is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 2012 and is directed by Ridley Scott.

The reboot to the series will be a prequel which will not feature any Predators or Lt. Ripley. At the time of writing, it is unclear as to whether the film will centre on the ship that the original spaceship encounters in alien. The story was remoured to be focussing on the alien home solar system of Zeta II Reticuli, a binary star system located 39 light years away in the constellation of Reticulum. Reticulum is a constellation that is in the Southern hemisphere which is hard to see in the Northern Hemisphere.

The alien race, not the xenomorph that was the alien pilot of the derelict spaceship in the first film will be explored.

It will be set in the early stages of faster-than-light travel and planetary exploration, so not much different from Star Trek - Enterprise then but hopefully a lot better.

Prometheus was a Greek Titan, who preceeded the Greek Gods of Zeus etc. He championed the human race and gave them the means to create fire. Incensed by what Prometheus had done, Zeus had the Titan chained to a rock where an Eagle would eat his liver and he would feel so much pain. The next day, the liver would grow back and the eagle would eat it again.

Cast Members

Elizabeth Shaw ( Noomi Rapace )

David ( Michael Fassbender )

David is a robot humanoid that journeys with the crew of the Prometheus on their journey to Zeta Reticulus, where the alien are believed to have originated. At this point in the storyline, they had not discovered the Xenomorphs. Even though he is a robot and therefore doesn`t need air to breathe, he still wears a space suit so that he doesn`t make the others feel uncomfortable.

Peter Weyland ( Guy Pearce )

Multi-billionaire who finances the operation. He is CEO of Wayland Corporation, the sinister organisation that appears in the alien series of films including alien vs. Predator. In the other films, the corporation is headed by Charles Weyland, who is played by Lance Henriksen.

Meredith Vickers ( Charlize Theron )

Captain Janek ( Idris Elba )

Janek is the captain of the Prometheus who takes the expedition party to a planet orbiting Zeta Reticuli. When the Engineer is escaping from the planet, he uses his ship as a missile to prevent the ship from taking off.


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