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Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 2008 and is directed by Marc Forster. The film's theme tune is 'Another Way To Die' and was sung by Jack White and Alicia Keyes.

In the only sequel of the James Bond series, the film starts where the previous film, 'Casino Royale' left off. James has captured Mr White, the head of the Quantum criminal organisation and has him in his boot of his car being chased by Quantum gunmen along the roads of Italy before he arrives at the MI6 Hide-out. M interrogates Mr White who with the help of Mitchell, M's bodyguard escapes. Bond follows Mitchell but ends up killing him instead of capturing him.

M begins an investigation into the activities of Mitchell and sends Bond to Haiti to meet Mitchells contact a Mr Slate but before he is able to question him, Slate hits out and Bond has to kill him. Bond assumes Slates identity to meet with Camille, an associate of Slate. Slate had been assigned to kill Camille which Bond doesn't. In the car, they notice they are being tailed and he is let out. Bond knocks the biker off his bike and uses the bike to follow Camille. Camille is followed to the harbour where she meets Dominic Greene, a wealthy environmentalist who having failed to have her killed attempts again but Bond intervenes and rescues her on the water.

He follows Greene to Austria where he is meeting Mr White. Bond confronts the environmentalist at the Opera and is framed for the murder of Guy Haines, an adviser to the Prime Minister. M orders Bond in but he refuses and tries to fly to Bolivia but his cards are denied. He turns to Rene Mathis, an agent he accused of being a double agent for help. With reluctance, Mathis agrees and gets them both to Bolivia.

When he arrives in Bolivia, he is met by Strawberry Fields, a young MI6 agent who demands he goes back to London. He is put up in a hotel which he rejects and moves to a more luxurious hotel posing as teachers who have won the lottery.

That night, Mathis, Strawberry and Bond go to a function that Dominic is attending. There are a few words said but no violence. Bond leaves with Camille who had also turned up. He learns that Dominic is interested in a small area of desert but doesn't know why so he goes to investigate after hiring a plane and being shot at. When the plane is about to explode, Bond and Camille parachute out into a cave. They discover the reason why Dominic is interested in the area; it has a large pool of fresh water. They return back to the Hotel.

In the hotel suite, he finds Strawberry Fields has been killed having been covered in oil and M and other agents waiting for him. He manages to overpower the guards and escape.

Bond turns to Felix Leiter who is in the country for information and is rewarded with being told that Dominic is plotting the overthrow of the government and can be found in the Atacama Desert. Bond manages to escape before soldiers arrive to arrest him.

Bond and Camille trek to a hotel in the Atacama Desert to confront Dominic and General Medrano. Medrano is hoping Dominic and his friends can put him in charge of Bolivia by overthrowing the Government. Camille has a personal score to settle with Medrano who had killed Camille's mother when she was young. Camille takes on Medrano whilst Bond deals with the rest. The hotel is a recreation of the ESO Hotel at Cerro Paranal, this is where scientists stay when they are using the Paranal Observatory. The outside was using for certain shots but a recreation was used when blowing it up.

After defeating their enemies, they capture Dominic, interrogate him then drive him into the middle of the desert and release him with a can of oil to drink.

Bond travels to Kazan to confront the Quantum agent who Vesper Lynd fell for that led her to betray Bond. This is the third film to not feature Q, the others being Live and Let Die and Casino Royale.

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