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Razor is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 2007 and is directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala.

The film primarily charts the rise and death of Kendra 'Razor' Shaw as she arrives on the Battlestar Pegasus 2003 and having to deal with the Cylon attack straightaway. Her rise in statue is rapid after becoming close to Admiral Helena Cain. The story is seen through a series of flashbacks with the present about the two Battlestars about to launch an attack on a Cylon Basestar. The Basestar contains old models of the Cylons, ones that are more akin to the original seventies series, the toasters as they got to be referred to.

We see how Admiral Cain through her brutality corrupts Kendra so that by the end, she is very much like the Admiral. In one scene the Admiral kills the XO because he disagreed with what the Admiral had wanted to do. One of the first tasks that Razor has to deal with is a Cylon Fighter ship crashing into the Pegasus and its occupants roaming the corridors. One of the occupants is a Number Six who Razor kills. The Cylons had managed to get on board the ship as a Six clone that had got personally close and possibly romantically enthralled with the Admiral was able to deactivate the Pegasus' computers. Razor manages to deal with the situation and the Six is interrogated.

When the Pegasus finds the remnants of a fleet of survivors, Razor is sent with a group of marines onto the ships to take vital supplies and people. The ensuing moments lead to a massacre of the people as they refuse to comply. Razor is the person who shoots first.

We also see a flashback of Commander William Adama during the last days of the war when he crashes on a snow planet. He finds his way into a building to discover that the Cylons have been carrying out medical experiments on people there. Before anything can come of it, he is notified that the war is over. He tries to rescue a group of people held in storage but cannot open the door, vowing to come back for them.

In the present, a group of soldiers containing Starbuck and Razor sneak aboard a Cylon Basestar to explore it. The Basestar contains old Cylon models so getting aboard and finding out about them is imperative rather than just blowing it up. Captain Lee Adama wanted to blow up the Basestar but he is overruled. The team inside the Basestar are able to rescue a few survivors. During their way out, one of the team is captured by the Cylons and Razor kills him to prevent the Cylons from using his body for experimentation. During the battle, Razor is shot and the nuclear bomb that they had taken aboard the ship is damaged. Someone must stay behind and manually activate the bomb, Razor orders that it must be here. She discovers the humanoid commander of the space ship, listens briefly to what he has to say before activating the bomb.

We also learn just how cold Helena is when she leaves her little sister alone during a Cylon attack. Goes to show her motivations of why she does things, tries to hide the betrayal and the cowardice of her previous actions. When the Cylons leave, the sister is nowhere to be seen.

Cast Members

Kendra Shaw ( Stephanie Jacobsen )

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