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Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi


Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi

Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 1983 and is directed by Richard Marquand.

Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi starts with Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO and Lando Calrissian attempt to rescue the frozen Han Solo. Lando has inscripted a guard in Jabba Palace working behind the scenes to free Han. Leia's attempt at rescuing Han is by dresurrecting up as a bounty hunter with Chewbacca as her prisoner. Jabba agrees to take Chewie and gives her the reward. That night, Leia attempts to defrost Han but her joy is short-lived when she is caught. She is forced to become a Slave Girl and the object of many men. The last attempt is by Luke who arrives and tries to barter with Jabba for the slug's life but he is dropped into a cave where he must fight the Rancor. After Luke's escape from the clutches of the Rancor, Luke along with Han and Chewbacca are to be fed to the Pit. Luke gives Jabba one last chance to free them or die which he declines so Luke uses the Force and the light sabre to ensure he doesn't become food for the Pit. Using the old storyline, (Beauty killed the beast) Leia strangles Jabba before escaping.

After leaving Tatooine, Luke visits Yoda for one last time whilst the other joins up with the rest of The Rebel Alliance.

At the Rebel Alliance meeting, the rebels hear from General Madine and Mon Mothma explain the attack to destroy the nearly completed new Death Star. The plan is destroy the Empire for good is a two pronged attack, one leading an assault direct at the Death star and the other, a land battle to destroy the shield generator. Han Solo agrees to lead the ground forces on the Moon of Endor whilst Lando Calrissian is to head up the space force to destroy the Death Star. On the moon of Endor is a shield generator for the Death Star, only once the shield has been destroyed can the Death Star be destroyed.

On the ground, the Rebels are anything but inconspicuous and have to deal with an Empire scout team no sooner after landing. Chewbacca's appetite for food gets Han, Leia, Luke and the robots caught up in a net. R2 frees them using a saw component tool of his but they are captured by small furry creatures, the Ewoks. They are to be killed and ate but Luke uses the force to elevate C3PO so he becomes a God to them. The Ewoks release their captives and together the two groups launch an attack on the Empire base. A fight between the Rebels and Ewoks vs. the Empire in the forest next to the back entrance to the Empire Base begins.

Luke surrenders to the Empire and meets Darth Vader, his father who takes him before the Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor wants Luke to fight with Darth but Luke does not succumb to the bait until the Emperor discovers the secret that Luke has been holding that he has a sister. To protect his sister, he launches an attack on Darth Vader. After the fight between father and son end in stalemate, the Emperor asks the young Jedi to join him but he refuses so the Emperor punishes Luke with electric streams from his fingers. Luke begs his father for help which eventually works as Darth lifts the Emperor up and throws him to his death. Darth asks for his helmet to be removed so he can see his son with his own eyes one more time, Luke agrees to do this.

Once ground rebels have managed to gain access to the shield generator and blown it up, the space forces launch their attack. The Millennium Falcon piloted by Lando and Nien Nunb head into the heart of the Death Star and destroys the power cell at the heart of the station. As the Falcon leaves the tunnel from the centre of the station, it explodes.

Luke has managed to escape as the Rebel pounded the station with the remains of his father. On the planet whilst everyone is celebrating, Luke cremates his father. Throughout the galaxy, planets are cheering the downfall of the Empire.

Blue Harvest and the Name

Blue Harvest was the name given to the film to stop people knowing what was being made. When people mentioned that a Star Wars film was being made, costs increased as everyone thought they could make money on it which is why it was given that code name. However when people saw the principle actors, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, they knew it was something else. It was originally to be called Return of the Jedi then they changed it to Revenge of the Jedi as the latter had a stronger bite to it. However, just before the film was to come, it was changed back to Return of the Jedi because Revenge is a Sith concept.

Steven Spielberg had shown interest in directing a film but had been prevented from doing so because of Union rules. George Lucas had annoyed a number of unions because he hadn't shown credits at the start of the movie, they were all at the end. The Union had reluctantly allowed it for the first two films but had decided to put their feet down for the third film. Lucas left the unions in retaliation and turned to Richard Marquand to direct the last film.

Harrison again wanted his character Han Solo to be killed off during the film because it would add something to the character. Lawrence Kasdan, the author of the film agreed that the character should be killed by George Lucas vetoed the idea and Han Solo survived to the end.

The film had a running time for a total of 134 minutes and was released in 1983.


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