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Cast Members

John Landon ( Brian Cox )

Caroline Aranha ( Freida Pinto )

Caroline is the girlfriend of Will Rodman, part of the team that designed the drug to reverse Alzheimers.

Will Rodman ( James Franco )

Will Rodman is a human male character Rise of the planet of the Apes. Her primary role within the series is scientist. She comes from the planet called Earth.

Caesar ( Andy Serkis )

Caesar is an intelligent ape that is the result of scientific experiments into reversing Alzheimers Disease. The drug ALZ worked by helping people to reverse the decline. Caesar lives with his human handler Will Rodman until he unleashed a volley of violence against a neighbour who was attacking Will`s dad. Caesar was taken to a monkey sancturary where he began befriending other apes and worked to escape.

In the second film, Caesar is the leader of the apes living in a commune outside San Francisco. When humans come into his commune, he relunctantly agrees for them to do their work and leave. He is vehemently anti-gun. When Koba, Caesars friend shots Caesar so that Koba can lead the tribe, Caesar is rescued by the humans and helped back to health. Caesar confronts his one time friend at the top of a skyscraper.

Charles Rodman ( John Lithgow )

Charles is a relative of scientist Will Rodman who is diagnosed with having Alzheimers Dieases. It is to see Charles regain his memory that motivates Will in his search.

Dodge Landon ( Tom Felton )

Dodge Landon is a human male character Rise of the planet of the Apes.

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