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Star Wars - Rogue One

Star Wars - Rogue One is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 2016 and is directed by Gareth Edwards.

The film is the first spin-off from the main storyline, it is set immediately before the events of Star Wars IV - A New Hope and to describe it as being episode III.V (3.5) is wrong. It more episode III.IX (3.9). It was inspired by a line in the original first film that talked of people laying down their lives for The Rebel Alliance. Unlike previous Star Wars films, there is no scrolling text that had started the previous films.

The films starts on an unnamed planet with a ring round it like Saturn that is in our Solar System. An Imperial craft lands and the occupants depart. The leader of the landing party is Director Krennic who has come here with his group of black Stormtroopers to capture Galen Erso, an expert in his field. Galen had been hiding on the planet with his wife Lyra and daughter Jyn Erso. Director Krennic wants all three of them but Jyn has hidden and Lyra is killed. Jyn hides to be found later by Saw Gerrera who will look after her until she's old enough.

Senior intelligence officer, Cassian Andor is on the Ring of Kafrene talking to a contact Tavik about Saw before they're rumbled and Tavik is killed. Saw Gerrara is an extremist, launching unnecessary and violent attacks on The Galactic Empire, one that can go to far. He needs to be reined in.

Jyn has been captured by the Imperial Army and is being held on Wodian prison camp but it is not long before she is rescued and taken to Yavin IV to meet Mon Mothma as they need her to find Saw Gerrara. They persuade her to join the cause.

Cassian, Jyn and K-2SO travel to the desert planet of Jedha in the hope of finding Saw but in the end, they catch the attention of the Stormtrooper battalion there. They are saved by two friends, Chirrut and Baze who help take out the Stormtroopers. After the battle with the Stormtroopers, they are caught by rebels loyal to Saw and take all four (Chirrut, Baze, Jyn and Cassian) back to Saw's hideout. There, Jyn meets Saw and is shown a film from a captured Imperial pilot deserter.

Cassian manages to break them out of the prison and rescue Jyn. They take the Imperial Pilot Bodhi Rook along with them as they escape from the base and planet as Grand Moff Tarkin targets the Jedha city with canon fire from the operational Death Star in orbit.

The Rebel escapees travel to Eadu where they hope to track down Galen Erso. As they arrive so does Director Krennic. When Cassian has the opportunity to shoot Galen, Cassian doesn't. An alliance X-wing is launched at the base, killing Galen but Director Krennic survives.

The Rebels return to Yavin IV where there is a Rebel Council meeting on the next course of action. Bail Organa, the father of Princess Leia makes an appearance at the council and then announces he's returning to Alderaan for a senate meeting. His appearance was to explain what happened to him and why he didn't appear in the originals. Jyn wants to find the Death Star plans that are being held on Scarif but the council doesn't sanction the plan so she decides to go it alone. Cassian volunteers to go with her along with some other rebels who feel the same way. They steal the Imperial Cargo ship which the Rebels had got hold of. It is at this point the reason for the name of the film is revealed. The name is the mission codename that is conjured up by Bodhi.

They arrive on the tropical planet of Scarif at the same time that Director Krennic arrives. They manage to fool the security in orbit round the planet to allow them down to the planet. The group splits up, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso and K-2SO go undercover into the base whilst the other cause a diversion. The Galactic Empire launch a full scale assault on the rebels.

When news is received by the Rebel Council that an assault has began, squadrons of attack X-Wings are launched to take advantage of the situation. However, the assault by the Rebels in orbit has caused the planets shield to go up so no one can go down or come up from the planet. Some X-Wings manage to get into the orbit before the shields go up.

Jyn and Cassian manage to find the data to the Death Star and get to the top of the tower from where the message will be broadcast.

On hearing of the rebel attack, Grand Moff Tarkin moves the Death Star to the planet. He uses the Death Star to fire on the base, destroying the base, all the personnel including Tarkin's rival for the leadership, Director Krennic.

Cassian and Jyn die in each others arms as the explosion from the Death Star engulfs the planet.

Darth Vader is assigned by Tarkin to travel down and capture the fleeing space ships. One of the space ships leaving the area is Tantive IV containing Princess Leia who announces that the details she has got has given them hope.

There are a number of scene which were shown in trailers that didn't make the final cut of the film. Missing scenes include

  • Jyn being taken by an Imperial soldier to meet Mon Mothma, although the scene is in the film, its shorter than what we saw in the trailer
  • Death stormtroopers marching over the land on the first planet, they are only seen with Krannic but pictures show them being on their own.
  • The conversation between Jyn Erso and Mon Mothma should be longer and where Jyn says talking about them being rebels and that she rebels.
  • In early trailers, Saw is bald but in later pictures and tailers, he has a full grown head of hair.
  • The picture of Jyn turning to the camera in Imperial clothing.
  • The scene where Jyn is walking along on the balcony at the top and a TIE Fighter appears. The scene is in the film but there's no TIE Fighter.
  • Cassian, K-S20 and Jyn are running along a corridor with troopers running the other way. The scene was filmed in Canary Wharf underground station.
  • Cassian and Jyn seen running out side holding the Imperial data drive avoiding attacks from At-At Walkers.
  • The scene where you see Stormtroopers coming through the water, although that might just have been promotional.
  • Krennic walking through water with his cape getting wet.
  • A couple of scenes involving Darth Vader was cut including the scene where Krennic talks about immeasurable power. Also where Darth Vader is looking at red holographic image.

There were quite a few cameos.

  • The two criminals in the Cantina in the original first film that threaten Luke Skywalker make a brief appearance in the streets of Jedha but this time they don't threaten anyone.
  • R2-D2 and C-3PO both appear in a brief scene as the Rebels led by Jyn take off for Scarif.
  • Bail Organa makes a couple of brief appearances in the movie to ultimately explain why his character never appeared in the original series because his character was on Alderaan at the time of its destruction by the hands of the Death Star on the orders of Grand Moff Tarkin.
  • A C.G.I.'d version of Princess Leia appears on the bridge of the Tantive Iv when her ship obtains the plans to the Death Star.


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