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Signs is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2002 and is directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Aliens make signs in large crop fields as a precursor to attacking, presumably to signal one another. Once they lands, they venture out from their crafts only to discover they are dangerously allergic to water which covers 70% of the world. As a result, they leave the planet and its inhabitants alone. The story follows Graham Hess, a widowed priest who has turned his back on religion to become a farmer. His wife died in a car accident driven by a character played by the director of the film. He follows the events of the alien attack, their crop circles, attack and retreat.

Cast Members

Merill Hess ( Joaquin Phoenix )

Morgan Hess ( Rory Culkin )

Bo Hess ( Abigail Breslin )

Bo is the child of Graham Hess and a bit of an eccentric. She will ask for a glass of water and then say it is stale by when the adults would leave the glass of water lying about for later. She wore an alumninium cap so that according to her, the aliens can read her mind.

Ray Reddy ( M. Night Shyamalan )

Ray Reddy is the man responsible for the death of Graham Hess`s wife. Ray appears briefly in the film to seek solace. The character is played by the director, M. Night Shyamalan.

Graham Hess ( Mel Gibson )

Graham Hess is a farmer who used to be a Preacher but he left the church when his wife was killed in a road accident. His farm is one of those that has his field flatterned by the aliens to make a crop circle. His wife was killed in a road incident caused by Ray Reddy.

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