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Skyfall is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 2012 and is directed by Sam Mendes. The film's theme tune is 'Skyfall' and was sung by Adele.

The 23rd Bond film released in the 50th year of the Bond franchise, it had a lot to live up to. It doesn't disappoint however the debate as to whether it is the greatest bond flick will rage on longer than its time at the cinema.

James Bond and agent Eve are sent to Turkey to recover a hard disk but someone has got to it first and he must chase the culprit through the streets of Istanbul. It ends unfortunately with Bond being shot and falling into the river below. The man who is identified as being behind the thief is Patrice, a gun for hire who has been contracted by someone in Shanghai for an assassination. James is sent to kill Patrice.

Due to the loss of the hard disk and the damage it will do to the Intelligence Service and its allies, Gareth Mallory decides that it is time the current M retires from her role as head of the organisation much to her disappointment.

Bond has faked his own death and is enjoying himself but when there is an attack on the MI6 Headquarters, Bond returns to service. Out of shape, he is sent on a mission to kill the man who stole the hard drive.

He kills the man and then meets with a mysterious woman, Severine who tells him where to find the person who hired the thief.

After a close encounter with the woman, she is shot dead by Raoul Silva, an ex-MI6 agent who is behind the theft. Bond manages to bring the rogue agent in but that was always in his plans. He bought back to London where he makes his escape and goes after M.

James takes 'M' to Skyfall, his home where he brought up in Scotland. Skyfall is now an empty, managed by Kincade, the caretaker.

The film marked the return of Q who had gone AWOL since the invisible car in Die Another Day. The gadgets are more with keeping with the present day and not futuristic. The gadgets are a gun and a global tracker device. Severine the advertised lead female in the film is in the film only for a short time.

Cast Members

Kincade ( Albert Finney )

Kincade ( Albert Finney )

Patrice ( Ola Rapace )

Patrice ( Ola Rapace ) Patrice is an assassin for hire who has obtained the identities of all NATO agents hidden within Terrorist Organisations. He is killed by James Bond after taking a shot as a victim in a hotel room opposite a skyscraper in Shanghai.

Severine ( Berenice Marlohe )

Severine ( Berenice Marlohe ) Severine is a prostitute who works in a Shanghai casino. She has a tatoo which identifies who she works for her on arm. Severine is the the woman in the hotel apartment that is used to lure and distract Patrice`s target. She spots James Bond after the assassination and gets to meet him in the casino where she works.

Her employer is Raoul Silva, a MI6 intelligence officer gone bad. Severine takes James Bond to the Island so that he can meet her employer. During the trip to the deserted Island, James Bond shares a shower with Severine. On the Island, they are separated where they are individually interrograted. They are bought back together for Raoul to assassinate her in a shooting game.

Unlike most Bond girls, she doesn`t spend too much time on screen.

Gareth Mallory ( Ralph Fiennes )

Gareth Mallory ( Ralph Fiennes ) Gareth Mallory is the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee of Her Majesty`s Goverment (Great Britain). He oversees the retirement of M after the failure to capture Patrice who stole a hard disk containing the identities of all NATO agents hidden within Terrorist Organisations. His challenges James Bond after he returns to active service after pretending to be dead for so long.

After M has been killed at the end of the film, he becomes the new Head of MI6, Britains Foreign Intelligence Service equivalent to United States Central Intelligence Agency, the C.I.A..

Raoul Silva ( Javier Bardem )

Raoul Silva ( Javier Bardem ) Raoul Silva was once a British Intelligence M.I.6. operative who worked out in the Station H, China from 1987 to 1996. When he started hacking the Chinese, M gave him up in exchange for captured British Operatives. During capitivity, Roaul tried to commit suicide by breaking into a cyanide capsule, it failed to kill him, instead it burned his insides. When he managed to escape or was released, he stayed in China plotting his revenge against M and the British.

Raoul hired Patrice to get hold of a hard disk containing a list of imbedded NATO agents within terrorist organisations. Raoul then used Patrice to eliminate someone which is when James Bond becomes involved. Raoul is holed up on a diserted island which he runs his operation. Roaul is able to use the computers in his office to hack into the computers anywhere on the planet. Roaul is captured by James Bond and is brought back to the UK. Raouls capture was an elaborate plan to get back to the UK. Raoul is held in a glass cage, reminiscent of how Dr. Hannibal Lektor was held in Silence of the Lambs. It is here that M reveals that Raouls real name is Tiago Rodrigeuz whose name appears on the wall of the MI6 building. Q tries to break into Roauls computer but in doing so, releases Raoul who escapes. Roaul heads to where M is being questioned by Members of Parliament including Gareth Mallory. James Bond arrives at the meeting and is able to help defend M.

Raoul follows a bread trail to Skyfall manor where he faces off against Bond, M and Kincade, the old housekeeper of Skyfall manor. Roaul is finally killed by being knifed in the back by bond in a chapel on the outskirts of Skyfall Manor.


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