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Space Cowboys


Space Cowboys is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2000 and is directed by Clint Eastwood.

A believable space film, one that doesn`t come along every year. NASA needs to deal with an obsolete satiellite that is due to fall to earth. As the controls of the satiellite is so old, no modern NASA astronaut knows how it works. They decide to go to the person who designed the thing in the first place, Dr. Frank Corvin. He and his team were about to be amongst the first people in space but their mission got cancelled and none of them ever went into space. Frank agrees to help but only if he and his original team get to go up into Space.

Frank`s team undergo retraining so that they can go into space. Disaster besets them as Hawk is discovered to have cancer but he defies the doctors to have his chance of going into space. When they get up there and evaluate the situation, one of them has to stay behind and as Hawk is dying, he volunteers to stay behind. The satiellite is repaired and the team return as heroes.

Jay Leno has a special guest part, playing himself as he questions the four on his chat show.

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