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Spectre is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 2015 and is directed by Sam Mendes. The film's theme tune is 'Writings on the Wall' and was sung by Sam Smith.

The film begins in Mexico where James Bond has travelled to to find Mafiosa Marco Sciarra who is agent for the terrorist organisation SPECTRE. He happens to find him amongst people celebrating the Mexican festival Day of the Dead. Using Estrella as a cover, he creeps up on Marco in a building opposite where he is staying. However the attempt to kill Marco fails and he chases Marco through the streets eventually catching up with Marco as he leaves the City in a helicopter. A fight between Sciarra and Bond ensues above a large crowd of people. James Bond manages to retrieve a ring from Sciarra's finger before Sciarra is killed.

Back in London, M berates James Bond for going to Mexico and suspends him and tells him to report to Q so that he can be injected with a tracking device. Miss Moneypenny catches up with James and tells him that they've retrieved items from the Skyfall Manor that was destroyed in Skyfall to which Bond tells her to deliver to his flat.

That night at Bond's flat, Moneypenny turns up with the items and he shows her a video made by the previous M (Judi Dench), in the video she tells Bond he had to track down Marco Sciarra which he did.

Against the wishes of M, James Bond steals the new Aston Martin DB10 which Q had show him the previous day to go to Rome, Italy to attend the funeral of the man he had killed in Mexico. There James meets Lucia Sciarra at the funeral but their first meeting doesn't go to plan and he follows her back to her villa where she is to be executed but James prevents the assassination and make love to her. He tells to go to The C.I.A. where a man called Felix Leiter will ensure her safety.

James visits a secret place where high ranking members of the Spectre organisation are currently meeting and is headed by Oberhauser. James manages to infiltrate the meeting but when Oberhausers reveals Bond's identity, he has to escape from the meeting being chased through the streets of Rome by Mr Hinx. Eventually James manages to loose Mr Hinx and the new DB10 car.

James Bond manages to find Mr White before Mr Hinx does and promises Mr White that he will protect Mr White's daughter, Madeleine Swann from Spectre. Mr White commits suicide once he believes that Bond will protect his daughter.

M and Bill Tanner visit Japan to provide support to Max Denbigh as Max tries to gain approval for 'Nine Eyes' intelligence operation. The Nine Eye is a plan to collaborate the intelligence services of nine countries but when the vote is called, South Africa is the only country that votes against it therefore Nine Eyes is dead. Later on, a terrorist attack in South Africa causes the South Africans to change their minds and join the plan. In real life, there is a Five Eyes intelligence operation which involves the collaborations of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. There are other eye plans going on but that's Five Eyes is the most well known one.

James visits Madeleine who is at a Mountain location but is unable to prevent Mr Hinx from capturing Madeleine and so chases after the abductees using an airplane. He manages to catch up with the kidnappers and rescues a reluctant Miss Swann. James takes Madeleine to see Q who earlier had met Bond at the same clinic where Madeleine worked. Madeleine reveals that the l'Americain who Bond is after is not a person but a place in Tangier, Tunisia.

Bond and Madeleine visit the l'Americain where they discover a secret room in the hotel room that Mr White would always visit on holiday. In the room is location coordinates where Oberhauser has his base. Bond and Madeleine catch a train to the location. Onboard the train is also Mr Hinx who interrupts Bond's meal and tries to kill him. Mr Hinx knocks out Madeleine but she recovers to help Bond defeat Mr. Hinx

When Bond and Madeleine arrive at Spectre's head office, they discover it is a meteor crater with the meteor that caused the crater on display. Oberhauser reveals what he plans to do with the help of Max Denbigh but before James can do anything, James is knocked out and wakes up on a torture chair. There Oberhauser reveals that he is actually Ernst Stavro Blofeld, complete with a white cat. During the torturing, Oberhauser underestimates Madeleine who goes over to Bond, takes his watch and throws it towards the torture controls enabling Bond to escape. Bond and and Madeleine escape the building and watch as the site blows up.

James and Madeleine return to London, United Kingdom to face Oberhauser once more at the damaged headquarters of M.I.6.. Also, M with the assistance of Bill Tanner and Miss Moneypenny must stop Max Denbigh from releasing a computer program that will significantly help Spectre.


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