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Star Trek XI

Star Trek XI is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 2009 and is directed by JJ Abrams.

The USS Kelvin captained by Lt Cmdr. George Kirk investigates a lightning storm in space. It becomes clear that the storm is the result of a wormhole from the future. The result of the storm is the appearance of the Romulan mining ship the Nerada. The Captain of the Nerada is Nero, a young Romulan with vengeance on his mind. He attacks the Kelvin. Onboard the Kelvin is Winona Kirk, James Tiberius Kirks` mother who is pregnant. George orders the evacuation of the Kelvin as he tries to deal with the new threat. George uses the Kelvin as a missle to destroy the Nerada but his failure to ultimately destroy the Nerada results in his death.

During his adolescent Kirk has become a delinquent and gets in trouble with the law by stealing cars.

When one day James gets himself into a fight with Starfleet security staff, he meets Christopher Pike who gives him an opportunity to rebuild his life by enlisting on the Starfleet programme which he accepts.

Three years later with help from Dr. Leonard Bones McCoy, he graduates from the Academy but is not assigned a spaceship so with McCoys help, he gets onboard the Enterprise. When the Nerada reappears, the Enterprise is sent to investigate and stop the space craft. Kirk and Sulu parachute down onto the planet to prevent the driller machine from digging a whole into the planet with a laser machine. A third member of the crew is killed as he opens his parachute too late. The Enterprise are too late in preventing the planet from being destroyed. During the fight, Spock beems down to the planet to save his family but is unable to save his mother.

The Enterprise goes in search of the Nerada but during the journey, Spock who is now acting officer of the Enterprise maroons Kirk on Delta Vega, an ice world. On the planet, he meets the older future Spock where he explains what Nero is up to. Nero wants revenge for the destruction of Romulus in the future because Spock failed to prevent the Romulan sun from exploding and destroying Nero`s home planet. Older Spock and Kirk trek to a nearby Starfleet base where they meet Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scotty Scott who is in charge of the base. Old Spock helps Scotty with his calculations and Scotty and Kirk beam onto the Enterprise. Kirk is taken before Spock where he attempts to make him emotionally unstable so he can no longer be in charge of the Enterprise.

When the Enterprise and the Nerada meet once more, Kirk and Spock beam onto the mining ship. Spock steals the Olds Spock spacecraft which Nero had captured whilst Kirk tries to rescue Christopher Pike who had been captured earlier. Other returning characters include Lt. Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov and Lt. Uhura who has a romance with Spock which never happened in the original timeline.

Back on Eartth, the younger Spock bumps into the Older Spock.

Cast Members

Amanda Grayson ( Winona Ryder )

Amanda Grayson is a human from the planet Earth who falls in love with Ambassador Sarek when he was stationed on Earth. She is the mother of Spock. In the alternate timeline, Amanda dies when Nero blows up Vulcan in revenge for the future destruction of Romulus.

Nero ( Eric Bana )

Nero is a Romulan whose family died when the star that his home world of Romulus orbits goes supernova. He holds Spock responsible for the destruction of Romulus. Spock had been sent on a solo mission with Red Mercury to prevent the star from going supernova but he failed and the star turned into a black hole which sent Nero back in time. After coming out of the black hole, he discovered that he could wreak revenge on Spock in the past.

Nero orders his mining ship to go to Vulcan where they unleash Red Mecury therefore destroying the planet. He is stopped by the Enterprise before it can go on to destroy Earth.

Sarek ( Ben Cross )

Sarek is a Vulcan who is an ambassador from his homeworld also known as Vulcan to the United Federation of planets. Sarek has made guest appearances in numerous star Trek episodes and films. He is the father Spock and was married to Amanda Grayson, a woman from Earth. In the film, he manages to survive but his wife dies as she was unable to get off the planet in time.


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