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Sunshine is a Solar System based science fiction which was released in 2007 and is directed by Danny Boyle.

It is 2057, the Sun is dying and if its "engine" is not re-ignited then it will die and so will the Earth. A previous attempt to restart the fires using a payload pulled by the space ship Icarus I failed when the ship disappeared. A second attempt, the Icarus II is sent in a last chance to avert disaster. When the Icarus II passes Mercury en route to the Sun, it receives a message from the Icarus I and after discussions, the crew of Icarus II decide to rendezvous with the older craft.

Failure to realign the sun shield of the Icarus II causes damage and deaths. A group of the astronauts journey across to the older ship to investigate what had happened and why it failed. They discover that the crew had been killed in the solar observation room which had been exposed to unprotected rays of sunlight. One of the investigators Mace finds a video made by the captain, Captain Pinbacker. Pinbacker believes Earth should die and that life on Earth should come to an end. From then on, Pinbacker causes mayhem for the crew both on Icarus I and II. Damage caused by the sabotaging results in people having to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Eventually, Pinbacker is neutralised and the bomb explodes manually.

The film ends with videos made by the astronauts of the Icarus II being watched.

Professor Brian Cox of Manchester University provided the necessary scientific knowledge for the film. He is better known for doing astronomy programmes on the BBC (UK) such as 'Stargazing Live'

Cast Members

Kaneda ( Hiroyuki Sanada )

Cassie ( Rose Byrne )

Icarus (Voice) ( Chipo Chung )

Captain Pinbacker ( Mark Strong )

Capa ( Cillian Murphy )

Corazon ( Michelle Yeoh )

Searle ( Cliff Curtis )

Mace ( Chris Evans )

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