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Terminator is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 1984 and is directed by James Cameron.

Two people arrive from the future, one is human, Kyle Reese, the other is a robot determined to kill someones mother before he`s born. The woman is Sarah Connor, a single, cafe waitress.

The T100 starts by checking the address book for Sarah Connors and starts killing them one at a time. The target is unaware of what is happening and carries on her business. That night she goes with friends to a nightclub where Kyle Reese is, watching her every move. When the T100 strikes, he tries to protect her. The two escape but are arrested by the police who take them to the station for questioning.

The T100 heads to the station and launches a full on one robot assault on the station. Kyle who has been diagonosed as being mad manages to provide protection for her as they attempt to escape. When they find somewhere safe at a motel, the two make love and it become evident that the father that John wished for is/was his best friend.

The T100 catches up with the couple and they make their way into a factory where the Kyle is killed trying to defend himself from the Terminator. Sarah manages to crush the robot in a machine, leaving only its arm undamaged.

Throughout the film, we see glimpses of what the future holds for the human race, the battle scarred lands, the robots, the war.

Cast Members

Hal Vukovich ( Lance Henriksen )

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