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Terminator 2, Judgment Day

Terminator 2, Judgment Day is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 1991 and is directed by James Cameron.

Two terminators arrive from the future, their objective kill John (T-1000) and protect him (T100). The T-1000 assumes the identity of a policeman whilst the T100 is dressed in leather after removing it from a biker gang. The T-100 is the same model that attempted to kill his mum in the first film. The T-1000 is a more advanced machine made from a metal that can shape-shift. It can`t shape-shift into a gun and fire, only the T-X can do that.

Sarah Connor has been institutionalised because of her mad ranting`s about how robots are going to take over the world and kill everyone. John has been put with foster parents who he rebels against.

The T1000 catches up with John in a shopping mall but before the robot can kill him, he is saved by a T100 which fights the superior model. John escapes to his bikes and rides away. The T-1000 is hot pursuit and steals a front part of a truck to chase him. The T100 manages to catch up with the pursuit and protects John. The truck that the T1000 was using explodes but the metal robot manages to walk out unharmed,

During their safe moment, John learns more about the situation and what is happening. John Connor orders the T100 to help him rescue his mother which the robot obliges. The T1000 also heads to the mental institute to kill the mother. There is a face-off between the two groups but the T100, John and Sarah manage to escape. Sarah takes the group to a small community in the desert where she has a premonition of what is to happen. She decides she must kill Miles Dyson, the chief designer of the Skynet project. She leaves on her own.

Sarah attacks the home of Miles Dyson but can`t bring herself to kill him. T100 and John turn up and they explain what it is all about. Miles agree to destroy the research he has been doing on the robot project. The group head to Cyberdene headquarters and plot to blow the place sky-high. The T-1000 and police arrive but neither group are able to prevent the place from being blown up. Miles hit during the attempt to capture elects to stay behind and ensure the place gets blown up. The Cyberdene scene is used again in the film Militia starring Dean Cain.

Sarah, John and T100 escape from the police blockade but are chased by the T1000 who forces them into a metal works where the final confrontation takes place.

At the end, Sarah voices that the future is once more unknown as she believes Judgment Day will not now occur.

Cast Members

Peter Silberman ( Earl Boen )

T1000 ( Robert Patrick )

Miles Dyson ( Joe Morton )

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