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Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation is a science fiction prediction of the Future on Earth which was released in 2009 and is directed by McG.

Starts in the present, an accused is waiting to be executed when he gets a visitor, Dr Serena Kogan who asks for him to sign over his body so that they can have it when he dies. He agrees for a kiss from the Doctor who is dying and she accepts.

John Connor launches an attack on a Robot scientific establishment, during which Marcus is woken up and promptly escapes. The information that John finds at the Skynet establishment prompts him to visit the resistance leadership in the safety of a submarine which keeps moving.

Marcus makes his way to Los Angeles where he meets with the L.A. branch of the resistance, notably star and Kyle Reese. When Marcus sets up a shortwave radio, they hear John telling them to keep their chin up. The three decide to make their way to the resistance location but en route, they are captured by Skynet robots that separate them. Star and Kyle are captured by a Human Harvester. Warthog planes attack the Harvester but are destroyed. The pilot of one of the Warthog, Blair manages to parachute to safety before the plane explodes. Believing Marcus to be human, she takes him to the resistance headquarters where it is revealed he is a Cyborg. Blair is grateful to Marcus for what he did for her, decides to free him. As John squares off against Marcus, they come up with a plan on how to proceed. Marcus will infiltrate the San Francisco Skynet base and locate Kyle and then radio in for attack.

Inside the Skynet San Francisco, the people are being harvested for their skins. When the resistance attacks, John goes solo behind the enemy lines to find his father. Marcus has to deal with Skynet trying to convert so that he is on robots rather than the resistance. Marcus refuses and attempts to escape and meet up with John. During his time inside the complex, John has to deal with a prototype T-100. Arnold Schwarzenegger`s face was super imposed onto the actor who John fights.

John manages to find Kyle and escape with him. During the escape, John is injured and when he gets back to the resistance headquarters, the doctors announce he needs a new heart. Marcus volunteers his heart for John to atone for what he had done before he became a robot.

Cast Members

Marcus Wright ( Sam Worthington )

Blair Williams ( Moon Bloodgood )

Blair becomes friends with Marcus Wright, a killer who was one of Cyberdene Industries first attempts at creating a Cyborg. She helps Marcus escape from the Resistance headquarters.

General Ashdown ( Michael Ironside )

Dr Serena Kogan ( Helena Bonham Carter )

Star ( Jadagrace )

Barnes ( Common )

Barnes is one of the lead fighters in the human resistance against the Terminators. He is tricked by Blair Williams to leave his post of watching over Marcus Wright`s Terminator.

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