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Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens


Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens

Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 2015 and is directed by JJ Abrams.

As soon as Disney brought the rights to the franchise, they announced they would be making new films. The films would be set after the events of Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi where the Rebellion had successfully killed Palpatine, leader of the Empire and destroyed his Death Star.

Although the plot has not officially been released, people have been gathering tidbits from leaked stories. One story has it that Luke Skywalker's hand and lightsaber is discovered and two people, one a deserted stormtrooper and a female go off to find the owner of the lightsaber. Along the way, they come across Han Solo and Chewbacca who are still flying the Millennium Falcon but there's no mention of Princess Leia. At the same time as the search is going on, a device that can destroy solar systems, not just planets is being developed on an ice world.

The only near dead certain that can be worked out is that Rey who is played by Daisy Ridley, a British as then unknown actress will appear in all three movies. All the other characters have not been mentioned as to whether they are returning or not. Daisy's character will be one of the central characters in the storyline along with Finn played by John Boyega, an actor best known for his role as Moses in Attack the Block. Adam Driver, an ex-United States Marine will play the role of Kylo Ren, the antagonist but whether he is a Sith Lord or an ex-Imperial officer is not known.

Of those returning, Lando Calrissian is noticeable by his absense and won't be returning but all the other main Rebels will be there including the droids ( C-3PO and R2-D2). Lets hope there's no age anomalies like there was in the prequels between Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. In addition to the droids, a new droid will be introduced called BB-8 who it is suspected to be Rey's personal droid.

There have been rumours that Darth Vader will be seen again in the movie, probably not as a ghost or in the present but during a flashback scene. There is also talk that Carrie Fisher's daughter will play Princess Leia in a possible flashback scene.

Denis Lawson who played Wedge Antilles in the original series of films declined to return, instead the lead X-wing fighter will be Poe Dameron played by Oscar Isaac.

In the second trailer, Han Solo makes an appearance and tells Chewbacca that they are home. Does this mean that Coreilla will finally make an appearance in the film series. Coreilla is the home of Han Solo. In addition to seeing Han Solo, we are also told the planet that we see Rey and Finn on is called Jakku and not Tatooine.

With The Galactic Empire having been destroyed at the end of the previous film, a remnant of the Empire is The First Order led by Supreme Leader Snoke and aided by General Hux who with his foot soldiers including Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren still present a challenge for the Rebellion.


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