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Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi


Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi

Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi is which was released in 2017 and is directed by Rian Johnson.

Not much is known at the moment about this film except that it will continue off from the last one, Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens. It is an immediate sequel with no scrolling text like in the previous films because we already know what is going on. Luke Skywalker will come back into the fold after Rey found him on Ahch-To where the first Jedi Temple was rumoured to have been built. Rey will continue begin training to be a Jedi after the force awoke inside her.

There will be more female characters in this one including returning Princess Leia, Rey and Maz Kanata. Laura Dern, famous for Jurassic Park will also appear as will new comer Kelly Marie Tran. The new film will have an additional antagonist played by Benicio Del Toro.

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