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Star Trek,the Motion Picture

Star Trek,the Motion Picture is a Solar System based science fiction which was released in 1980 and is directed by Robert Wise.

A space phenomenon is moving towards Earth and the only space ship that can intercept it is the U.S.S. Enterprise. The phenomenon, a giant cloud is at the end of the solar system and has already destroyed a small fleet of Klingon warbirds. Under the steward ship of Captain James T. Kirk, the Enterprise moves off out of space dock to investigate. The centre of the phenomena turns out to be an old Voyager satellite that N.A.S.A. had sent off into space many years ago. It had been updated by an alien race and was now returning to report what it had found out. It had hoped to meet its creator, a long dead scientist. During the journey, the V-Ger as it becomes known takes control of a crew member, Lieutenant Ilia.

Cast Members

Ilia ( Persis Khambatta )


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