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The Postman

The Postman is a science fiction prediction of the Future on Earth which was released in 1997 and is directed by Kevin Costner.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a strange travels America dressed as Postman. His objective is to bring hope to peoples lives. America`s infrastructure has been destroyed, they believe there is no President so they keep themselves to themselves. The film itself is based on a book by David Brin. Whereas the book has advanced technologist, the film has avoided those totally.

The Postman is a drifter who gets captured and press-ganged into joining a group of Mauraders called the Holnists led by General Bethlehem. After escaping, he stumbles upon a dead postman and takes the mans clothes. He wanders aimlessly before eventually finding a settlement. In the settlement, he finds people who the dead postman had planned to deliver letters to. He tells them that America has a new president called Richard Starkey based in Minneapolis.

Cast Members

Ford Lincoln-Mercury ( Larenz Tate )

Postman ( Kevin Costner )

Abby ( Olivia Williams )

General Bethlehem ( Will Patton )

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