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The Thing

The Thing is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 1982 and is directed by John Carpenter.

The film is set on an United States research station on Antarctica. When the residents rescue a dog being persued by a helicoper from the Norwegian research station, they do not realise what they are letting themselves in for. The dog turns out to be an alien that can transform itself into another person. The only way they can detect the alien is that alien will do whatever to survive. The alien sets about killing everyone in the base apart from MacReady who is the sole survivor of the incident who blows up the base.

Cast Members

Dr. Blair ( Wilford Brimley )

Dr. Cooper ( Richard Dysart )

Palmer ( David Clennon )

Bennings ( Peter Maloney )

Clark ( Richard Massur )

Garry ( Donald Moffat )

Fuchs ( Joel Pollis )

MacReady ( Kurt Russell )

Nauls ( T.K.Carter )

Childs ( Keith David )

Norris ( Charles Hallahan )

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