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The Watch

The Watch is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2012 and is directed by Akiva Schaffer.

Comedy film about someone trying to set up a neighbourhood watch to catch criminals but ends up trying to prevent an alien invasion.

After a security guard at the Costco warehouse where he (Evan) works and the police having little or no interest in the murder. Evan creates a neighbourhood watch patrol to protect people. When he advertises for recruits, all he gets are a construction worker (Bob), a recent divorcee ( Jamarcus ), high school drop out (Franklin) who failed to get into the police force. Whilst Evan takes the group seriously, the others do not, they just came for fun.

On a patrol, they come across an alien device in the road and investigate its power. They are attacked by an alien but manage to subdue it. The alien manages to escape and warns them that an alien invasion is on its way. They also learn that some of the people in the small town aren`t what they seem, aliens in human skin. The group breaks for a bit whilst they all have domestics, Bob has to deal with his daughters behavour and keep her away from her new boyfriend. Evan has to confess to his wife Abby about his inability to have children.

Jamarcus confesses to the others that he`s an alien and he likes it on Earth. He tells them that the invasion fleet are on their way but they can stop them by blowing up the Costco warehouse which they do and save Earth. Bob is right to be concerned about Jason as he is one of the aliens.

Cast Members

Evan ( Ben Stiller )

Franklin ( Jonah Hill )

Jamarcus ( Richard Ayoade )

Abby ( Rosemarie de Witt )

Bob ( Vince Vaughn )

Bob is a member of the neighbourhood watch who unbeknown to him and his friends has an alien amongst the group.

Jason ( Nicholas Braun )

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