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The World is Not Enough


The World is Not Enough

The World is Not Enough is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1999 and is directed by Michael Apted. The film's theme tune is 'The World is Not Enough' and was sung by Shirley Manson and Garbage.

James Bond is on assignment in Bilbao, Spain to retrieve money stolen from billionaire Sir Robert King, a personal friend of M. James Bond avoids being assassinated by a sniper. In the commotion, the police are called but he manages to escape from the situation by using a cord to "rappel" outside the building.

James Bond takes the money back to MI6 Headquarters where he discovers it is a trap. The money is tainted and the building is hit by a bazooka fired from a boat on the river. James Bond using a top secret boat from Q branch to chase after the assassin. James Bond follows the assassin along the Thames to the Millennium Dome where she attempts to escape via a hot air balloon. Despite James Bond promising to protect her and there's no escape for the assassin, the assassin shots at the hot air balloon, blowing it up. James Bond falls onto the Dome, injuring his shoulder.

At the funeral of Robert King, his sole daughter Elektra King says she doesn't want help. Years ago, Elektra King was kidnapped and held to ransom, she managed to escape by herself. James Bond believes that the kidnapper is back because of the amount James Bond was able to retrieve from Bilbao.

James Bond was able to persuade his managers that he is back to health. He visits Baku, Azerbaijan to protect Elektra but she blanks him. James Bond accompanies Elektra to the mountains where they come under attack from Para gliders. James Bond must distract the paraglide to avoid them chasing Elektra King.

James Bond visits the Russian plant where they are dismantling nuclear missiles and meets American scientist Dr. Christmas Jones. He also comes face to face with the terrorist Renard who had a bullet moving through his brain, slowly killing him. Whilst the bullet is killing him, Renard pain sensors are deteriorating more and more, unable to feel any pain. Renard traps both James Bond and Dr Christmas Jones in an underground cave with a bomb that is set to go off. Using his ingenuity and Q branch tools, he manages to get them both out of there. Renard has stolen a nuclear device, removing the Locator card which means the nuclear device can't be tracked by satellite.

James Bond returns to Elektra to confront her but she persuades him that she knows nothing.

Elektra's pipeline comes under attack from a mobile bomb inside the pipeline. James Bond and Dr Christmas Jones race off to intercept and disarm the bomb. When it becomes clear that the bomb is not going to do much damage, James Bond lets the bomb explode and fake his death. Elektra King gives 'M' a gift after Elektra managed to persuade 'M' to come out to visit her. Elektra reveals to M that she is behind it all and takes her away to a prison cell.

Elektra travels to Istanbul where Renard is with a disused Russian Submarine. Renard plans to cause the submarine to explode, causing contamination of the area which means that the only oil pipeline available from Azerbaijan is Elektra's. James Bond confronts Elektra in a tower. There James Bond mutters his family motto The World is Not Enough. James Bond is rescued by Valentine Zukovsky before Valentine is shot dead. James Bond tells Elektra to stop the nuclear attack but she refuses and Bond shoots her.

With Dr Christmas Jones, James Bond manages to get inside the submarine and confront Renard.

Cast Members

Renard ( Robert Carlyle )

Renard ( Robert Carlyle ) Renard is an ex-Russian military turned KGB officer who was thrown out for being unstable. His real name is Victor Zokas but he became known as Renard which French for Fox. He kidnapped Electra King years ago in the hope of ransoming her to her family. On the advice of `M`, no ransom was paid and Electra managed to escape.

Years later, Renard assassinates Robert King, the father of Electra King using a tracking device in the money that James Bond recovered from Bilboa in spain. He signalled his return by the size of the amount recovered, it was the same as the amount he originally wanted when he kidnapped Electra.

Renard is slowing dying due to a bullet heading down into his brain. As he dies, he`ll feel less pain and been more invincible. He is in cohoots with Electra to sabotage the oil pipelines going through Turkey, instead all oil will have to go through Electra`s pipeline making her more money.

Dr. Christmas Jones ( Denise Richards )

Dr. Christmas Jones ( Denise Richards ) Dr. Christmas Jones is the head of a team in Azerbaijan disarming old Russian Nuclear Missiles when she first meet James Bond who is following a lead to find Renard.

Jones joines James Bond as he tries to foil Renards plan. Jones assists James escape when Renard sets a trap for him in the underground silo from where he is stealing a nuclear missile warhead.

When James sets off to disarm a nuclear bomb travelling through the pipeline, Jones persuades James that she should come too so that she can disarm the nuclear device, he relunctantly agrees to her advice.

Bullion ( Goldie )

Bullion ( Goldie ) Bullion is a colleague from Zukovskys business who betrays his boss by leaving a suitcase in the office he is working. Eventually Buillon is captured and killed by Zukovsky.

Robert King ( David Calder )

Robert King ( David Calder ) Robert King is the wealthy owner of King Industries. His daughter is Electra King who was once kidnapped by Renard for a ransom. On the advice of M, no ransom was paid and Electra King was able to escape.

In the present day, James Bond is sent to Bilboa to recover the money. When the money is handed over to King, a signal is transmitted and a rocket is fired at MI6 Headquarters killing Robert King.

Cigar Girl ( Maria Grazia Cucinotta )

Cigar Girl ( Maria Grazia Cucinotta ) Cigar Girl is the name given to the character who shows a selection of cigars to James Bond at the start of The World is Not Enough. Later on, she is seen trying to blow up M.I.6. headquarters from a boat on the Thames. After the attack, James chases after the Girl in a speedboat along the Thames. The race ends at the Millenium Dome, now known as the O2 Arena. Cigar Girl commits suicide fearing worse could come from Renard if Renard ever caught her.

Elektra King ( Sophie Marceau )

Elektra King ( Sophie Marceau ) When Electra was young, she was kidnapped by Renard and held hostage for a ransom by Renard. On the advice of `M`, no ransom was paid and Electra managed to escape.

After Robert King is assassinated, James takes it upon himself to protect Electra as he feels slightly responsible as it was him who brought the money back from Bilbao in Spain. Its very late in the game when Renard sets out with a nuclear submarine that James Bond has finally discovered what is happening.

Electra lures M out to Istanbul to have her imprisoned then Electra sets out to finish her objective. She manages to capture James and nearly garote him before he is rescued by Zukovsky, the Russian KGB turned millionaire.

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