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The X-Files, the Movie

The X-Files, the Movie is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 1998 and is directed by Rob Bowman.

Conventional alien stories have the little green men as physical large as life forms however the movie and that of the `Bodysnatcher` films have the aliens not as life size but as viruses. The aliens arrived millions of years ago when man was a caveman but died out. All what was left of them were a virus that when re-activated could convert the host form to theirs. A small boy is infected by the Alien DNA and is taken away from where he lives. The boys body is held in a Federal Building which is destroyed to hide the evidence. Scully and Mulder are held responsible for the buildings destruction as they had been assigned to locate the bomb which they did just before the bomb went off. Amongst the dead is a small boy and some fireman.

Mulder is tipped off that those who did were already dead, he`d been set up and so sets out to investigate. The tip also gives Mulder a small amount of a cure from the Alien virus. Their investigations leads them to Texas where the boy was infected and they come across a bee hive which is how the Syndicate plans to spread the virus. Back home in Washington, Scully is stung by a bee that had hitched a ride with them. An ambulance is called for and arrives however it turns out that it was waiting all along to pick up Scully or Mulder. The real ambulance arrives and takes Mulder to hospital where he has to escape and find Scully. He journeys to Antartica where the Alien craft is below the ice. Inside he finds generator tubes where people are being held as their lifeform is slowly converted to the Aliens.

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