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Thunderball is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1965 and is directed by Terence Young. The film's theme tune is 'Thunderball' and was sung by Tom Jones.

James Bond is tasked by M with recovering nuclear bombs from downed bombers that have fallen into Emilio Largo's hands. Largo is an agent from SPECTRE who wants to hold the world to ransom. The film would later be remade as Never Say Never Again year later. The story also started a lengthy legal action between the producers of Bond and Kevin McClory. As Kevin had given Ian ideas to the original book, he was able to claim copyright on the works.

Cast Members

Emilio Largo ( Adolfo Celi )

Emilio Largo is Number Two in the Spectre organisation and inspiration for Austin Powers character Number Two at time of Thunderball operation. Numbers are rotated every so often to confuse the enemy, British and American Intelligence. He is tasked with delivery of two stolen nuclear weapons, one to be used to destroy somewhere in the United States and the other to destroy somewhere in the United Kingdom. Emilio Largo is a black marketeer who principle base of operations is the Carribean where with a large villa and a massive yacht, he is able to carry out his Spectre work.


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