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Tomorrow Never Dies


Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1997 and is directed by Roger Spottiswoode. The film's theme tune is 'Tomorrow Never Dies' and was sung by Sheryl Crow.

James Bond is on a mission in the Himalayas to destroy a illegal weapons bizarre. The Navy want to destroy the place with a missile so bond has to escape by stealing a plane laden with a nuclear missile.

In the Southern China Sea, a British Naval Warship is destroyed by a missile drill that penetrates the shell. The survivors are gunned down by Stamper who is using a gun that fires standard Chinese bullets.

Back in the UK, Admiral Roebuck wants to see the British Fleet in retaliation of the attack on one of its ships. M urges caution and says she will send James Bond to investigate. The Minister of Defence gives M 48 hours to investigate.

Initial investigation has indicated that the ship might have been off course because of a signal coming from one of Elliot Carver's satellites.

Bond is sent to Hamburg where he meets Q to receive his new gadget, a B.M.W. which can be auto controlled from a mobile phone.

That night Bond goes to Elliot Carvers premiere night for his satellite network where he meets Paris Carver, an old flame of his. Elliot finds out that the two have history and orders Samper to beat up Bond which he duly agrees to. Also at the opening is Wai Lin, a news reporter for a Chinese newspaper. That night Paris has a tryst with Bond at the hotel.

The next morning, Bond visits Carvers media headquarters where he just manages to get out of the place alive. James is contacted by Carver who tells him that James has something of his and its in his hotel flat. When Bond arrives, he is taken by surprise by Dr Kaufman who was responsible for Paris Carvers death. James uses the security measure in his phone to disable Kaufmen then Bond shoots him. James runs to the top of the hotel and uses the BMW to escape.

James goes to China and hands over the decryption machine to Jack Wade, James's C.I.A. contact. The C.I.A. lend Bond some scuba diving gear so he can investigate the wreck of the ship that was destroyed at the beginning. In the wreck, he comes across Wai Lin. When they surface, Stamper is there to capture the two agents and take them to the China headquarters of Carvers Media Empire. Tied up together, James and Wai Lin escape from the building.

That night, the two agents, the British and the Chinese head out into the South China Sea to track down the ship that was responsible for the destruction of the UK warship. They find the ship and get onboard and stop Carver from launching a nuclear weapon at China which would have started a nuclear war between Britain and China.

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