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Wing Commander

Wing Commander is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 1999 and is directed by Chris Roberts.

Based around the games of the same name, this ia small budge production of the game. Whilst the game featured the sights and sounds of Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker from star Wars), this film featured Freddie Prinze Jr as the main actor. The film is about the battle between the humans and the Kilrathi.



The Kilrathi are the main antagonists of the Wing Commander franchise. They are cat like creatures that are bent on destroying the human travellers.

Cast Members

Rosie Forbes ( Ginny Holder )

Commander Paul Gerald ( Jurgen Prochnow )

Obutu ( Hugh Quarshie )

Capt. Jason Sansky ( David Suchet )

Lt. Cmdr. -Angel- Devereaux ( Saffron Burrows )

Lt. Todd -Maniac- Marshall ( Matthew Lillard )

1st Lt. Christopher Blair ( Freddie Prince Jr. )

1st Lt. Christopher Blair is a human male character from Wing Commander. He is aligned to the Terran Confederation. His primary role within the series is starfighter. He comes from the planet called Earth.

Commodore James -Paladin- Taggart ( Tcheky Karyo )

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