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A2261-BCG - Abelle 2261 Brightest Cluster Galaxy Facts

A2261-BCG - Abelle 2261 Brightest Cluster Galaxy Facts Galaxy in Hercules

A2261-BCG - Abelle 2261 Brightest Cluster Galaxy is a galaxy object of interest in space. It lies at a distance of 3 Billion light years away in the constellation of Hercules.

The Galaxy's location is 17h 22m 27.173 (R.A.) and +32d 07` 57.18 (Dec.). Its Visual (Apparent) Brightness is 12.00 Magnitude . The object can not be seen by the naked eye from Earth, you need a telescope to see it.

Whilst most large galaxies are believed to have a central core of a Supermassive black hole, scientists have not been able to identify one in this galaxy. The galaxy is 10 times the diameter of our own galaxy, the milky way and spans more than 1 million light years across. The core is about 10,000 light years across and is the largest so far discovered. Hubble Site

Possible reasons for why there is no central supermassive black hole is that the galaxy had two merging black holes that scattered the stars so that the black hole could not be detected. The second theory is that there are merging black holes that were ejected from the core. It is not the only galaxy that has an off-centre black hole, 3c 186 has been seen to have an off-centre black hole, the likeliest reason for that is that black hole is being pulled by another black hole out of its location. N.A.S.A..

Essentially, scientists believe that is still a supermassive black hole for the galaxy but it has yet to be discovered.

Fact File

NameA2261-BCG - Abelle 2261 Brightest Cluster Galaxy
Right Ascension17h 22m 27.173
Declination+32d 07` 57.18
Distance (Lt.Yr)3 Billion
Visual / Apparent Magnitude12.00
Naked Eye VisibleRequires a 4.5 - 6 Inch Telescope - Magnitudes

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