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Cartwheel Galaxy Facts and How to Find

Cartwheel Galaxy Facts and How to Find Ring Galaxy in Sculptor

Cartwheel Galaxy is a ring galaxy object of interest in space. It lies at a distance of 500 Million Ly light years away in the constellation of Sculptor.

The Ring Galaxy's location is 00 37 41.1 (R.A.) and -33 42 59 (Dec.). Its Visual (Apparent) Brightness is 15.20 Magnitude . The object can not be seen by the naked eye, you need a telescope to see it.

The Cartwheel galaxy is a Peculiar Ring type galaxy. Its probably pretty obvious as to how it gets its name. The object is pretty faint and you will need a very powerful telescope in order to view it. Another ring galaxy is Hoag's Object

How to find and see the Cartwheel Galaxy

The site assumes that you are viewing from London in the Northern Hemisphere and from Sydney in the Southern Hemisphere and are looking at the sky about 9 p.m. If you are looking at another time or location, you will need to adjust for your location.

The more south you are, the easier it is going to be to see the object. The object is extremely faint and you are going to need a large telescope. Although, its states a 8m telescope, you will probably need something just more powerful than a 8-10 inch telescope which can see objects up to about Magnitude 14. You would probably best asking professional telescope sellers for the best telescope needed, mine is a basic guide.

Northern Hemisphere

London, United Kingdom

The only time you are going to ever see it is at the beginning of November and it will be on the horizon. You will need to go some where you can see horizon, away from built up places etc. It will be tough to spot due to its location and the fact that it is extremely faint.

Miami, United States

The best time to see the galaxy is between Mid-November and April just above the horizon in a south easterly direction.

Southern Hemisphere

The object is visible to powerful telescopes from September to April as it orbits round the Octans constellation. The Octans is the southern equivalent to Ursa Minor .

Fact File

NameCartwheel Galaxy
TypeRing Galaxy
Right Ascension00 37 41.1
Declination-33 42 59
Distance (Lt.Yr)500 Million Ly
Visual / Apparent Magnitude15.20
Naked Eye VisibleRequires 8m Telescope - Magnitudes
Radial Velocity8790
CoprightSpace Telescope

Location of Cartwheel Galaxy Facts and How to Find in Sculptor

Cartwheel Galaxy Facts and How to Find Ring Galaxy in Sculptor

The image above showing the location of the object was generated using the free application Stellarium.

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