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Messier 108 (NGC3556)

(M108,NGC3556) is a spiral galaxy. It was discovered in 1781 by Pierre Mechain. It's location is RA(11:11.5), Dec(+55:40) and its distance is calculated 46000 light years away. Its visual Brightness is 10.0. Its apparent dimensions measured in arcmins is 8x1.

Messier 108 (NGC3556) is a spiral galaxy object of interest in space. It lies at a distance of 46000000 light years away in the constellation of Ursa Major. It is referred to as M(108) when it was catalogued by Charles Messier in 18th - 19th Century France. It is also referred to as NGC(3556) in the New General Catalogue. This is a list of deep space objects that was compiled by John Louis Emil Dreyer in 1888 in an update to John Herschel earlier catalogue. The Spiral Galaxy's location is 11:11.5 (R.A.) and +55:40 (Dec.). Its Visual Brightness is a 10.0 Magnitude and has an apparent magnitude of 11 with an apparent dimension of 8x1 . The object can not be seen by the naked eye, you need a telescope to see it.

Fact File

NameMessier 108 (NGC3556)
TypeSpiral Galaxy
Messier Id108
NGC Id3556
ConstellationUrsa Major
Right Ascension11:11.5
Distance (Lt.Yr)46000000
Visual Brightness10.0
Apparent Dimension8x1
Apparent Magnitude11
Naked Eye VisibleRequires a 4.5 - 6 Inch Telescope - Magnitudes
Year of Discovery1781
DiscovererPierre Mechain

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