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Tadpole Galaxy Facts

Tadpole Galaxy Facts Barred Spiral Galaxy in Draco

Tadpole Galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy object of interest in space. It lies at a distance of 400 Million light years away in the constellation of Draco.

The Barred Spiral Galaxy's location is 16:6:3 (R.A.) and +55:25:32 (Dec.).

Tadpole Galaxy has a radius of 195,000 light years or to put it another way, it has a diameter of 390,000 light years. It would take a space ship 390,000 years travelling at the speed of light to get from one side to the other.

Galaxy Collision

The Tadpole galaxy is one of the furthest galaxies we have seen. It is the resullt of two colliding galaxies that took place millions of years ago. When the galaxies collided, the weaker galaxy was destroyed and hence why the galaxy has a tail. stars from the galaxies were thrown out onto the tail. Eventually over time, the tail will disappear. Those star in the tail will become rogue stars

This is what will happen to our own Milky Way galaxy when it collides with the Andromeda Galaxy in billions of years time. Before the galaxies collide, our own star, the Sun will have died and all life on our planet would have gone or be on other planets.

When can you view the Tadpole Galaxy

With such a high apparent magnitude (14.4), you are going to need to use a telescope of at least 8-10 inches. The bigger the size, the bigger the magnitude, the better. The nearest star of significance is Theta Draconis.

Northern Hemisphere

The Tadpole Galaxy is visible throughout the whole year in the northern hemisphere assuming you are in Rome or north of there. In December, it is on the horizon and is therefore the most difficult time to see.

Southern Hemisphere

The Tadpole Galaxy is located in one of the most northerly constellations and if you are south of Darwin, Australia, you are going to have difficulty seeing it. For those in the northern part of the southern hemisphere, the best time to see the galaxy is about June to September in the northernly direction. It will not be very high above the horizon.

Fact File

NameTadpole Galaxy
TypeBarred Spiral Galaxy
Right Ascension16:6:3
Distance (Lt.Yr)400 Million
Radius (Lt.Yr)195,000.00
Apparent Dimension3.6x0.8
CoprightN.A.S.A, Hubble Site

Location of Tadpole Galaxy Facts in Draco

Tadpole Galaxy Facts Barred Spiral Galaxy in Draco

The image above showing the location of the object was generated using the free application Stellarium.

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