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Draenor is not so much a continent but the world. The name of the continent hasn't been released yet. The planet is the ancestral home to the Orcs before it got blown up. There will be a return of the creatures that we saw in Burning Crusade such as the Gronn (Giant One-Eyed Monsters) and the Arakkoa plus a few new ones that got wiped out by the destruction of the planet. At time of writing, not all details have been revealed so some facts about the continent may be incorrect.

The Continent of Draenor

List of Zones in Draenor

ZoneLevelEnvironmentInstance Count
Tanaan JungleJungle90-1
Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor)Hilly90-0
Spires of ArakJungle90-1
Frostfire RidgeSnow90-1
Nagrand (Draenor)Countryside90-0

List of Dungeons on Draenor

ZoneNameMin LevelHeroic
Frostfire RidgeBloodmaul Slag Mines90Y
GorgrondGrimrail Depot100Y
GorgrondIron Docks93Y
GorgrondThe Everbloom100Y
Shadowmoon ValleyShadowmoon Burial Grounds100Y
Spires of ArakSkyreach97Y

List of Raids in Draenor

ZoneNameMin LevelHeroic
GorgrondBlackrock Foundry100Y
Tanaan JungleHellfire Citadel100Y

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