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Eastern Kingdoms

As it name implies, Eastern Kingdoms is located in the eastern hemisphere of the planet of Azeroth. It is two land masses joined by a concrete bridge between ArathiHighlands and Wetlands which is known as the Thandol Span. It houses the homes of the Dwarfs, Humans, Blood Elves and theUndead.

The Alliance cities (Stormwind, Ironforge) are in the southern half of the continent with the north housing the Horde Cities of Undercity (Forsaken) and Silvermoon (Blood Elves). Undercity is now a ruin after the Alliance attacked it in revenge for the Horde attacking the Night Elf capital Darnassus.

To the North of the main continent is the Isle of Quel'Danas. There are a number of lands that are still off-limits despite there being flight. One such land is the land west of Ghostlands. Whether Blizzard will ever do anything with this zone is open to speculation.

At the base of the island is Booty Bay,a neutral area which is controlled by the non-aligned race of Goblins. At the very northern tip is the destroyed and rebuilt areas ofSilvermoon, the Blood Elves capital.

The Continent of Eastern Kingdoms

List of Zones in Eastern Kingdoms

ZoneLevelEnvironmentInstance Count
Eastern PlaguelandsWasteland53-601
Elwynn ForestForest1-120
Hillsbrad FoothillsPlains20-300
Eversong WoodsForest1-110
Isle of QuelDanasPlains702
Blasted LandsWasteland45-550
Dun MoroghSnow1-121
Searing GorgeWasteland43-507
Silverpine ForestForest10-201
Stranglethorn ValeForest30-451
Swamp of SorrowsSwamp35-451
Loch ModanPlains10-200
Cape of StranglethornJungle30-350
Tirisfal GladesForest1-132
Western PlaguelandsPlains51-582
Tol BaradPrison85+1
Tol Barad PeninsulaPrison85+0
Alterac MountainsPlains and Snow30-400
Arathi HighlandsPlains30-400
Burning SteppesWasteland50-581
The HinterlandsPlains40-500
Redridge MountainsWasteland15-250
The Lost IslandsCity1-50
Twilight HighlandsForest84-852
Gilneas CityCity0-200
Deadwind PassRocky2
Northern StranglethornJungle25-301

List of Dungeons on Eastern Kingdoms

ZoneNameMin LevelHeroic
Burning SteppesUpper Black Rock Spires (WOD)100Y
Deadwind PassReturn to Karazhan110Y
DeepholmThe Stonecore82-85Y
Dun MoroghGnomeregan29-38N
Eastern PlaguelandsStratholme58-60N
Isle of QuelDanasMagisters Terrace68-72Y
Northern StranglethornZul'Gurub85Y
Searing GorgeBlackrock Caverns77-80Y
Searing GorgeBlackrock Depths52-60N
Searing GorgeLower Blackrock Spire58N
Silverpine ForestShadowfang Keep22-26Y
StormwindThe Stockades24-28N
Swamp of SorrowsThe Temple of Atal'Hakkar, a.k.a. The Sunken Temple47-55N
Tirisfal GladesScarlet Halls90Y
Tirisfal GladesScarlet Monastery90Y
Twilight HighlandsGrim Batol85-87Y
Vashj`irThrone of the Tides80Y
Western PlaguelandsScholomance57-60N
Western PlaguelandsScholomance (MOP)90Y
WestfallThe Deadmines85+Y
WestfallThe Deadmines (Original)14-21N

List of Raids in Eastern Kingdoms

ZoneNameMin LevelHeroic
Deadwind PassKarazhan70N
GhostlandsZul'Aman (Original)70N
Isle of QuelDanasThe Sunwell Plateau70N
Searing GorgeBlackwing Descent85Y
Searing GorgeBlackwing Lair85Y
Searing GorgeMolten Core60N
Searing GorgeUpper Blackrock Spire60N
Stranglethorn ValeZul'Gurub (Original)60N
Tol BaradBaradin Hold85Y
Twilight HighlandsThe Bastion of Twilight85Y

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