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Kul Tiras

Kul Tiras is one of two continents that was released in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. The other expansion is Zandalar. Each continent is primarily controlled by one of the factions. The Horde through their alliance with King Rastakan, the surpreme Troll leader control Zandalar whereas the Alliance have allied themselves with the Kul Tiras populace.

The Alliance female mage Jaina Proudmoore comes from Kul Tiras but she is not a typical Kul Tiran. Kul Tiran's are quite portly whereas Jaina is slender. Jaina had in a recent expansion responsible for expelling the Horde from Dalaran and when the Kirin Tor had voted to re-admit the Horde, Jaina left and went back to Kul Tiras hence why she's been missing in action.

Tiragarde Sound is the first zone you get to when you arrive in Kul Tiras as a human. Like the Horde starting zone, there is a large town, unlike the Horde, there is no large Pyramid, instead, the town is similar in style to Booty Bay. The town is known as Boralus. It is not the only town, to the south is Freehold which is controlled by Pirates which is a common theme in Tiragarde.

Drustvar has a large snowy mountain range running down the middle and can be quite difficult to cut through. The zone has Waycrest Manor, the only five boss dungeon in the game at the start. Waycrest manor is similar in a way to Blackrock Hold in Val'Sharan in the Legion expansion although Waycrest is more flat than on floors.

Stormsong Valley is a green and open and lush area, it looks something you'd find in Pandaria rather than here. The Horde have control of the northern tip of the zone so if you're alliance be careful not to catch the attention of the guards there to kill you.

List of Zones in Kul Tiras

ZoneLevelEnvironmentInstance Count
Stormsong Valley110-1202
Tiragarde Sound110-1203

List of Dungeons on Kul Tiras

ZoneNameMin LevelHeroic
DrustvarWaycrest Manor110-120Y
Stormsong ValleyShrine of the Storm110-120Y
Tiragarde SoundFreehold110-120Y
Tiragarde SoundSiege of Boralus110-120Y
Tiragarde SoundTol Dagor110-120Y

List of Raids in Kul Tiras

ZoneNameMin LevelHeroic
NazjatarAzsharas Eternal Palace120Y
Stormsong ValleyCrucible of Storms120Y

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