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The continent near the north pole is a cold, snowy continents inhabited by the Prince Arthas Menethil, the current Lich King. From deep within his Ice Citadel, he control his Scourge minions as they attack the inhabitents of the planet Azeroth. On the east and west sides of the island are two towns which are aligned to either the Horde or the Alliance. Murlocs, long forgotten since the beginning are back along with new monsters including Walrus like humanoids.

The Continent of Northrend

Zones in Northrend

ZoneLevelEnvironmentInstance Count
Howling Fjord68-72Plains2
Icecrown77-80Snow Wasteland6
Borean Tundra68-72Plains3
Grizzly Hills73-75Canadian Forest1
Sholazar Basin76-78Jungle0
Storm Peaks77-80Snow3
Crystalsong Forest77-80Forest0

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