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Outlands used to be known as Draenor, the home of the Orcs and the Draenei. During experimentation with portal technology, the planet was blown apart and all thats left makes up the Outlands. Nagrand was where the Orcs lived in peace for thousands of years before the Burning Legion arrived and caused havoc. The only city on the continent is Stratthan City in north-western Terokkar Forest, near the arrow on the map. Netherstorm is home for the majority of the Sunfury who control what remains of the Naaru spaceship the Tempest Keep. Illidan Stormrage keeps control of his minions from with the Black Temple in eastern Shadowmoon Valley. Altar of Sha'tar is accessible by only those who are aligned to the Aldor. Scryors are only allowed to enter Sanctum of the Stars.

The Continent of Outlands

List of Zones in Outlands

ZoneLevelEnvironmentInstance Count
Hellfire PeninsulaMartian Desert58-634
ZangarmarshMushrooms and Swamp60-644
Terokkar ForestForest and Wasteland62-654
Nagrand (Outlands)Plains65-670
Blades Edge MountainsSpikey Desert65-681
Shadowmoon Valley (Outlands)Wasteland67-700

List of Dungeons on Outlands

ZoneNameMin LevelHeroic
Hellfire PeninsulaHellfire Ramparts59-62Y
Hellfire PeninsulaThe Blood Furnace58-63Y
Hellfire PeninsulaThe Shattered Halls67-75Y
NetherstormThe Arcatraz68-75Y
NetherstormThe Botanica68-72Y
NetherstormThe Mechanar69-72Y
Terokkar ForestAuchenai Crypts 64-72Y
Terokkar ForestMana-Tombs62-71Y
Terokkar ForestSethekk Halls65-73Y
Terokkar ForestShadow Labyrinth67-75Y
ZangarmarshSlave Pens60-69Y
ZangarmarshThe Steamvault67-75Y
ZangarmarshThe Underbog61-70Y

List of Raids in Outlands

ZoneNameMin LevelHeroic
Blades Edge MountainsGruul's Lair70N
Hellfire PeninsulaMagtheridon's Lair70N
NetherstormTempest Keep70N
Shadowmoon ValleyBlack Temple70N
ZangarmarshSerpentshrine Cavern70N

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