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Hidden away for centuries by a mist, the continent of Pandaria stayed out of Azeroth's affairs. It all changed when a sea battle between the Alliance and Horde discovered the continent. The Pandarens were no longer able to stay out of Azeroth's business. The Continent is split into two, separated by a great wall separating the Pandarens from the Insectoid Mantids.

The Continent of Pandaria

Zones in Pandaria

ZoneLevelEnvironmentInstance Count
The Jade Forest85-86Forest1
Valley of the Four Winds86-87Valley1
Krasarang Wilds86-87Swampland0
Vale of Eternal Blossoms90Valley3
Kun-Lai Summit87-88Himalayan2
Townlong Steppes88-89Grassland1
Dread Wastes89-90Blue Grassland1
Veiled Stairs86Grassland1
Isle of the Thunder King90Fortress1
Isle of Giants90Lost World0