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The Broken Isles

The Broken Shores have been known since ancient times including playing a vital part during the War of the Ancients. After the Sundering, the Night Elf inhabitents shrouded the continent in a force field preventing anyone from landing on the continent. The Night Elves over time turned into the Nightborne and changed from being protectors to being insular and warding off anyone who came near. They evolved differently to Night Elves and Blood Elves.

Gul'dan, the Orc Warlock who had created much havoc on his planet of Draenor has found a way onto the Island and have befriended the Nightborne. Together, the Nightborne and Gul`dan have created a number of portals to other Legion worlds and invited the Legion to attack.

Zones in The Broken Isles

ZoneLevelEnvironmentInstance Count
Suramar100+Canadian Wilderness6
The Broken Shore100+destruction2
New Dalaran100+City1

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