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Zandalar is one of two continents that were introduced in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. The other continent was Kul Tiras. Both continent are significantly smaller than previous continents, however as there are two continents, their joint size is meant to be as big as the others.

The main occupants of Zandalar are Trolls, Trolls that are loyal to King Rastakhan and therefore in league with the Horde. The other main troll faction is the Blood Trolls. The Blood Trolls are pink with blood red hands and feet and are hostile to both sides. In addition to the trolls, there are a large number of dinosaurs roaming the continent.

Zuldazar contains the main Horde base, a giant city with Pyramids from where Rastakhan rules. Although it is predominantly a Horde continent, there are a few Alliance bases that have sprung up across the continent. The zone is lush with a lot of vegetation.

Nazmir is where the Blood Trolls rule. To emphasise the effect of the Blood Trolls, be sure to look up at the "Sun" which is a deep red colour. The zone is very marshy and dark.

Vol'dun is a desert area with bones scattered across the land to remind the user how inhospitable the location is. There are two new races, a fox like humanoid race and a humanoid race with a snakes head to be found in this zone.

The first raid of the expansion is Uldir and is believed to be in the Nazmir zone. The raid has TItans experimenting on Old God technology with something having gone wrong and its up to the factions to investigate.

List of Zones in Zandalar

ZoneLevelEnvironmentInstance Count

List of Dungeons on Zandalar

ZoneNameMin LevelHeroic
NazmirThe Underrot110-120Y
Vol'dunTemple of Sethraliss110-120Y
ZuldazarKings' Rest110-120Y
ZuldazarThe Motherlode!!110-120Y

List of Raids in Zandalar

ZoneNameMin LevelHeroic
ZandalarBattle of Dazar'alor120Y

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