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World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade

The first expansion of the Warcraft game franchise sees the players travel to Outlands to battle the Burning Legion. The Doom Lord Kazzak had managed to re-open the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands which forced our heros to go through and fight the legions of the Burning Legion. Outlands used to be the once home of the warlike Orcs who became corrupted by Sargeras, the fallen Titan. After a catastraophe, the one beautiful world was destroyed and became an asteroid. Both the Horde and the Alliance start off in Hellfire Peninsula.

Both sides have a new race to join them in their fight, the Alliance gains the Draenei who once lived in peace with the Orcs until the arrival of the Burning Legion corrupted the Orcs. The Horde gains the assistance of the Blood Elves,

The final raid takes place on Isle of Quel`Danas in the raid the Sunwell Plateau.

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