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Principle ZonesElwynn Forest (inc. Stockades)
Westfall (inc. Deadmines)
Dustwallow Marsh

The Defias are a low-level criminal organisation that are prominent in Elwynn Forrest (inc. Stockades), Westfall (inc. Deadmines), Darkshire and Dustwallow Marsh. Mostly Rogues, there are a few Warlocks and Mages. They were created after the First War when they had sought payment for the work that they had done during the War. Refused payment and exiled, they banded together and became an outlaw rogue organisation.

Edwin van Cleef

A once skilled engineer, he led a revolt of engineers who had helped defend Stormwind in the First War. He is hidden away in the depths of Deadmines in Westfall. When he was killed, his daughter, Vanessa witnessed his death. Since Cataclysm, Edwin not longer exists.

Vanessa van Cleef

Loyal daughter of Edwin VanCleef who saw her father killed when the Alliance came to arrest him. She bided her time over the years before taking over the Defias.She hid herself in the depths of the Deadmines and can only be challenged on the heroic version of the dungeon.

Like so many other bosses, Vanessa doesn't stay dead for long. They resurrected Vanessa to become a champion for Rogue in the Legion expansion in 2016. You can send her out on missions and have her accompany you.

Edwin van CleefVanessa van Cleef

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