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Dinosaurs exist on the planet of Azeroth, the majority of which are Raptors. They can be found mainly roaming in Stranglethorn Vale, Wetlands, Arathi Highlands but also some other places. Since the opening up of the Isle of Giants, just off the north coast of Pandaira, Triceratop dinosaurs are now available.

Other types of dinosaurs can be found in Un`Goro Crater in Southern Central Kalimdor. In the Crater, you will find a world akin to Arthur Conan Doyle`s the Lost World.Giant Tyrannosaur like Devilsaurs roam the land. Other pre-historic animals you`ll see are Diemetradons, Pterrordax and Stegodons. Diemetradons are not dinosaurs, they pre-date them by 40 millions years. All of these animals are hostile to the players but can be tamed. Isle of Giant monsters can only be trained once you have got the tamer plans off a Zandari on the Island. Trolls have domesticated Raptors and these are their mounts. You can find more information on real extinct dinosaurs elsewhere on this site.

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